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FORE!! Or, should I say…Golf FORE Good!


The Discovery Center Foundation, the group that seeks to ensure the long term sustainability of The Discovery Center, is again presenting a unique and FUN family activity. It’s the Second Annual Indoor Discover Golf- Golf FORE Good miniature golf event, held from Thursday Aug. 18 – Sunday 21 from 11:30 to closing, at The Oakdale Mall’s Center Court.

Last year, 600 people visited our Golf FORE Good mini golf course at Center Court and putted around obstacles on 9 wild and wacky holes. Check out some snapshots from 2015! This year’s hole sponsors are The Dicks Sporting Goods Open, Modern Marketing Concepts, Auchinachie Plumbing and Heating, Realty USA , Binghamton University, Serv-Pro, Miller Honda, the Discovery Center Foundation, and Wells Fargo.

The cost of playing is $4.00 a round, with $1.00 off coupons and group rates available. Every participant will get the chance to spin the Foundation Prize Wheel for a guaranteed prize an d the chance to win a $100 Mall Gift Card. For more information, contact the Discovery Center at 773-8661 ext 201.

Oh, and we’re always looking for youth groups and sports teams to volunteer during our event. Learn more about volunteering at Golf Fore Good

How about a FUN way to support The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier Foundation…..build with blocks! 

The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier Foundation is a unique Endowment Fund designed to ensure the future of The Discovery Center. We also provide a way for you to honor your friends and family in Named Bequests with visible mementos. We do not fund day-to-day Museum activities; instead, we carefully invest monies in secure accounts, provide an annual allotment, and subsidize an Emergency Gift for Discovery Center Pre-School students in need. We’re using blocks — that cherished children’s toy — to symbolize our efforts to build up The Foundation, thus guaranteeing that The Discovery Center will be a force in our community for years to come.

Please consider buying a block; your donation will be a gift for the future, enhancing our Foundation Endowment Fund. Your inscribed block then becomes a part of the “For Our Tomorrows” Castle… a playful structure created out of the personalized wooden blocks and larger personalized black and white columns. Children have been playing with blocks for years. Building with blocks can jump start a child’s early learning skills and can magically help kids create imaginary worlds. Now it’s time for us to get into the act of Foundation Building, with these very same blocks! Join our efforts to invest in the tradition of creativity and learning which makes The Discovery Center such a place of wonder and delight.

Ready to build? The form here gives you all of the details so you too can play and build with blocks. Thank you!


Our Mission

The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier Foundation, Inc. is committed to assuring the long-term financial stability of The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier, a hands-on children’s museum. We will position it for the future so our children,grandchildren and their grandchildren will discover for themselves the joy of learning.

Discovery Center of the Southern Tier Foundation Board Members

Nancy Hargrave, President
Sarah Grace Campbell, Vice President
Nikki Corgel, Secretary
Chris Demtrak, Treasurer
Beth Akel, Tom Brazill, Mary Ann Cerretani, Jim Fountaine, Sandy Guy, Nancy Heichemer, Carole Hillis,Douglas Johnson, Judith Miller, Libby O’Connor, Karen Sweet O’ Neill
Abbey Hendrickson, Executive Director

How We Help

We created The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier Foundation, Inc. as an endowment fund. We don’t raise money to pay next week’s bills. We raise money for an investment fund, with returns parceled out over the decades to assure long-term growth and success. You set aside money to invest for your retirement, or college, or to leave to your children. That’s exactly what we do.

How You Can Help

You can join us by giving to the foundation in many forms, including:• Buying a Donor’s Building Block in the “For our Tomorrows Castle” in your name , your business name or in memory of another.• Making a tax deductible donation when you transfer stock, sell real estate or manage assets• Memorializing a loved one in a very special way• Including a specific amount or bequest to The Foundation of The Discovery Center in your will.• Asking us to help you plan a unique way for family members to express their condolences• Any gift to The Discovery Center Foundation will insure that our children, our grandchildren and even their grandchildren will have the opportunity to discover the joys of learning.
The Discovery Center Foundation members knew someone just like that — Andrew Crocker, son of longtime Discovery Center Executive Director Margaret (Pokey) and David Crocker.
In the end, we are all remembered for what we do with our life — by the generosity we exhibit, by the causes we advance, and by the challenges that we face. Andrew Crocker was that kind of person, and he will be remembered for all that he did. As a global executive, youth sports coach, avid athlete, and dedicated family man, Andrew had a genuine spirit admired by peers and business associates around the world who valued his work ethic, enthusiasm, and friendship. Although he died unexpectedly at the age of 50, he cherished each and every day he lived, and tackled every challenge put before him. We imagine that his family had a lot to do with developing these qualities!
With this in mind, we invite you to consider making a contribution to the Andrew F. Crocker Endowment Fund of The Discovery Center Foundation. We hope you will play a part in the future of The Discovery Center by honoring Andrew Crocker.
For more information or to request a DVD about The Discovery Center Foundation, call 607-773-8661 ext. 204 and speak with Martha Steed.

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