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In 2018 The Discovery Center Foundation awarded over $10,000 to The Discovery Center. We funded two $1,500 scholarships to deserving families for the Preschool program and also helped fund various projects in the museum including the brand new Pet Vet exhibit!

We are proud to serve The Discovery Center and to help provide critical funds to ensure that the museum remains a staple for children in the Southern Tier for another 35 years.

 With your donation, we’ll continue to provide funds to The Discovery Center so they can refresh the museum, reach more children in the community, and continue to provide unique programs to the children in the Southern Tier!

Thank You for your support!

All about The FOUNDATION

The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier Foundation works to empower the future of that magical institution-The Discovery Center. We’re the Plan for Our Tomorrows board! The Foundation of the Discovery Center of the Southern Tier carefully invests monies, provides an annual allotment to The Discovery Center for special projects, and supplies scholarship funding to Discovery Kids Pre-School families in need.

Become part of empowering The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier and donate, all levels make a difference!

Our Mission

The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier Foundation, Inc. is committed to ensuring the long-term financial stability of The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier, a hands-on children’s museum. We will position it for the future so our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren will discover for themselves the joy of learning.

Discovery Center of the Southern Tier Foundation Board Members

Stephanie Reeve – President
Martine Akel Bordages – Vice President
Nikki Corgel – Secretary

Richard Allman, Mary Lynn Brown, Mary Ann Cerretani, Marcy Depew, James Fountaine, Sandra Guy, Nancy Hargrave, John Hussar, Micki Matthews, Libby O’Connor, Karen Sweet-O’Neill, Jim Peduto, Danielle Sepe Yurka

Abbey Hendrickson – Executive Director
Mallory Evans – Foundation Development Director
Pokey Crocker – Emeritus

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