Spring Break at DC!

April 17-21

Join us for Spring Training DC style! We’ll have games, crafts, activities, and special guests all week long April 17-21 , from 11am to 2pm. All activities are free with admission.

Monday…Get Ready to RUMBLE! The Binghamton Rumble Ponies will be here! Meet the players, get autographs, and snap a photo with the mascot! We’ll have some real live ponies for you to visit with as well!

Tuesday…The coaches from Soccer Shots will be on hand to help brush up your skills or teach newbies the basics! Did you know that today’s soccer ball was originally called a buckyball? Learn how to draw this classic ball and try your hand at finger soccer!

Wednesday…The Binghamton Senators will be skating on over for some hockey fun! Meet the players, play floor hockey, put on your lab coat for some ice science, and make your own mini hockey stick!

Thursday…Make a racket! Or is it racquet? Our friends from the Binghamton Tennis Center will be here with their Quick Start Program designed to teach kids tennis. Meet a tennis pro and try a sport that can span a lifetime! Who knows…you could be the next Serena or Roger!

Friday…We finish the week with a special visit from Stinger the Hornet all the way from SUNY Broome! It’s a slam dunk day with basketball stamp art and a mini hoop craft!

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