Spring Break

Give a Cheer – Spring is Here!  Spring Break Activities – Fun, fur and feathers! 

School is out and we are ready to swing into spring with special activities each day from 11:00am to 1:00pm for everyone to enjoy!  All activities are free with admission.

Monday, April 15 – It’s time for some “horse play” and Get Ready to Rumble!  The Rumble Ponies season has just begun and it’s time to start the “fan”fare!  Join Rowdy and two of his teammates today!

Tuesday, April 16 – Kitten Capers!  Did you know that there are 44 different breeds of domestic cats?  Learn about some of these breeds and their unusual characteristics while you visit with some of our furry friends.

Wednesday, April 17– The early bird gets the worm!  Visit with some of our exotic flying friends in our new Pet Vet exhibit and see if they will make a good pet for your home.

Thursday, April 18 – “Lucky Dog” – Man’s best friend will be here today as we learn about our favorite celebrity dogs.

Friday, April 19 – It’s Farm Animal Day at The Discovery Center.  Get a close up look at baby chicks and bunnies and learn about life on a farm.  See what other special animal friends Farmer McDonald brings!

Monday, April 22– Fairies, Wizards and Unicorns – Do you have a fairy that lives at your house?  We’ll tell you the clues to look for.  Make a fairy bell and see if you can find a fairy, construct a magic wand and learn about the mystery of unicorns.

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