Travel Through Time during Holiday Break

Winter Break Dec 26th – Dec 29th

It will be a whirlwind of fun at The DC during the Holiday Break as we become TIME TRAVELERS! Each day will send us to a different place and time as we learn about different cultures and traditions.

December 26th– “Ancient Rome”- Go back in time to explore the Roman Empire- no toga necessary! Make a mosaic, learn about Pompeii and visit the Colosseum.

December 27th-“Medieval Times” – Become a Lord or Lady, learn about castles and chivalry and participate in a jousting match!

December 28th – “The American Colonies” – Discover how the colonists celebrated Christmas and learn what it was like to grow up during the American Revolution. Take a journey on an American Adventure with dolls, costumes and toys. Bring your own historical doll to the celebration!

December 29th – “Star Wars – Future World”- Transport yourself to the future and explore our constellations and space travel with Star Lab, learn how to become a Jedi, meet some galaxy characters and create your own spaceship.

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