A, B & C Bank

SONY DSCA, B, C and 1, 2, 3!

Math and money combine for fun in our newly remodeled bank exhibit thanks to the Leadership Team at Lockheed Martin. Use the newly installed ATM machine to play money games, watch a video on how money is made and explore monies from around the world. Learn how to deposit money or write a check at the new teller station. Enter the vault where safety deposit boxes are kept and measure out gold bars. Children young and old will be able to learn about banks and the value of saving money-from piggy banks to saving accounts!

Thank you to Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Technical Leadership Program participants for their help with the exhibit; Project Manager James Kusovski and his team Lai Garg, Julie Dekar, Dinesha Ramie, Adam Hartman and Bob Wochinger. SONY DSC


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