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Story Garden volunteer opportunities.

We’re thinking spring in our Story Garden and if you are thinking spring too, why not consider planting a row of annuals for us? Why not become a Story Garden volunteer? The hours are flexible and the work is fun. Just go to volunteer page to fill out our form.

AND…did you know, if you belong to a Garden Club, we can provide a super program for your group showing the history of our Story Garden as it has grown? Call Volunteer Coordinator, Dolores Wisdom at 607-773-8661 x 210 for more information.

From the Garden

We celebrated 10 years of outdoor imagining, play, and whimsical fun last year in our Story Garden. Many thanks to our staff and volunteers who have made an impact again this year; especially groups from Binghamton University and The Junior League of Binghamton, Jim Hargrave, and Terry Dempsey. And, of course, we couldn’t have done it without the leadership and labor of love of our volunteer garden supervisor, Nancy Hargrave! The produce from the Peter Rabbit’s garden was extra bountiful. Our Preschoolers planted the garden, with help from visitors. Then kids in our Summer Camp harvested the produce. Local food pantries and soup kitchens received 82 onions, 45 carrots, 16 bunches of celery, 104 radishes; 83 potatoes; 14 heads of cabbage, 16 heads of lettuce, 4 peppers, and 8 tomatoes. Three pumpkins were put on display in our Mis-Fit pumpkin patch. All of this happened with no thanks to the slugs and bugs who where everywhere!

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