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What could be more fun than earning a badge at The Discovery Center? Troops should RSVP to their desired badge workshops at least one week in advance. Fees include museum admission for the day. Team up with other troops or packs to ensure minimum numbers are met. Consider spending the day at The DC with your troop and doing a Badge in a Box on your own. Or, spend a night at the Museum!

Sign up for a Discovery Center Scout Snooze for an evening of fun workshops and private museum playtime then set up your sleeping bag in your favorite exhibit for the best kind of sleepover there is! Snoozes include dinner, a workshop and plenty of museum play. Fee for all snoozes is $35/scout and $8/adult. Troop leaders are always free! Snoozes which do not meet the minimum requirement of 20 scouts are subject to cancellation if the minimum is not met 48 hours before snooze date.

Contact Scout Programming Coordinator, at or (607) 773-8661 x 208 for registration or more information on all of our scout programs. You can also register online below.

Scout Events & Snoozes


January 28, 2017

Money Counts- Daisies can learn how money can equal fun! We’ll practice counting our pennies to earn this financial literacy leaf. For Daisies, 10am-11am, $8/scout.

Money Manager– Brownies will learn how to budget for groceries and other items, as well as how to save cash for fun while earning this badge. For Brownies, 12pm-1pm. $8/scout.

Savvy Shoppers- Learn the difference between needs and wants- and learn how to budget for both. For Juniors 2pm-3pm. $8/scout.

Lets go to Japan Scout Snooze! Learn about kites, doll ceremonies and how to write your name in Japanese at this snooze that celebrates Japanese culture. For Girl Scouts of all ages. Saturday January 28, 6pm- Sunday January 29 8:30am.

February 25, 2017

Weather Wizards- Cub Scouts can learn about clouds, climate, and dangerous weather to earn the Weather Academic Pin. For Cub Scouts, 10am-11am. $8/scout.

Art-tastic- Earn the Art Pin by completing some fun projects and checking out the art here at The Discovery Center. You’ll have the option to hang your completed work here in our gallery as well. For Cub Scouts, 12pm1pm. $8/scout.

Mad Scientists Scout Snooze! Experiment with stuff that bubbles, learn about electrons and density, and learn the science behind ice cream. We’ll be Mad Scientists with the chemicals (and foods) you can find around your home. For Cub Scouts of all ages. For Cub Scouts of all ages. Saturday February 25, 6pm- Sunday February 26, 8:30am.



At The Discovery Center, we understand the value that the Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts can have to young people. We also understand that it can be difficult at times for parents to come up with ways for their child to earn their badges. The “Build-A-Badge” Program allows a Cub Scout or Girl Scout and his/her parent or guardian to actively complete pieces of badges. Our museum space offers a unique approach to checking off the tasks that the Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts have set to earn badges.

Check out a “Build-A-Badge Checklist” at our front desk. The checklist will be your ticket to making sure you have finished the tasks required. Then, take a walk through our exhibits, and look for the packets that have the Boy Scout or Girl Scout Logo at the top. Each of these packets hold pages which will show how to complete the section of the badge offered. Complete these sections, and then check off the “Build-A-Badge Checklist” to show that you are finished. Don’t forget to take home anything you made!

Bring the checklist back to the front desk, show the receptionist that you have completed the “Build-A-Badge” program, and they will give you a “Build-A-Badge Completion Card”. Finish the badge steps you can complete at home, and then show this card to your Troop Leader or Scoutmaster to get your badge, and remember, as Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts, we are on the Honor System!

Cost is $8 for per Parent/Leader and $8 per Scout, includes museum admission.


Introducing The Discovery Center’s newest Cub Scout and Girl Scout affiliated program, “Badge-In-A-Box”! Both Cub Scout (Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos) and Girl Scout (Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors) troops now have the ability to complete a badge right here at The Discovery Center. It’s very simple to sign up!

First: Call the Discovery Center at (607) 773-8661 x201 and reserve one of our offered badge programs. You must reserve to be sure space is available. You will have 15 minutes to set up, one hour to complete the badge and 15 minutes to clean up.

Second: Come in on your designated day and check in at our Front Desk. A DC staff member will bring you to your reserved room and will make sure the badge box is all ready to go! Both the badge materials and lesson plan will be included in the box.

Third: Complete the “Badge-In-A-Box” with your troop. There will be a Certificate of Completion in the box that you can take with you to your meetings and present for your badge! Once you have finished the project, make sure any re-usable materials are returned to the box and any used materials are thrown out or taken with you. We try to refresh the badge boxes rather than replacing everything; your diligence with this is very much appreciated.

Fourth: Bring your Certificate of Completion to your troop or Scoutmaster meeting.

Cost for Badge in a Box

(ten scout minimum) includes museum admission:

  • Scout Leader: Free
  • Additional Parents $1.00
  • 10 scouts $100.00
  • 11-15 Scouts $125.00
  • 16-20 Scouts $150.00
  • 21-25 Scouts $175.00
  • 26-30 Scouts $200.00
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